Sun Xtender #PVX-2120L

$ 555.99

Voltage: 12V - Capacity: 212 Ah - Dimensions: 20.76" x 8.7" x 9.76" - Weight: 138 lb / 62.7 kg - The PVX-2120L is used for applications such as Traffic Arrow / Message Boards, Cathodic Protection, Gried Tied & Off Grid Homes, 2-Way Radio Repeaters, SCADA, Navigational Aids, Medical Refrigeration Clinics & Power for Remote Areas / Developing Nations, Microwave Earth / Satellite Stations, Parking Lot Lighting. 212ah x 12v x .5(dod) = 1200wh = 1.2kwh in a convenient 4D BCI size.Compatable with all 4D size Battery BoxesBulk order discounts apply to orders of 10 batteries or more. When calling to ask about bulk battery discounts, you may also request sequential serial numbers.