Lifeline GPL-31T

$ 312.30

Lifeline GPL-31T Battery - Voltage: 12V - Capacity: 105 Ah - Dimensions: 12.9" x 6.75" x 9.27" - Weight: 69 lb / 31.4 kg - The GPL 31MT Deep Cycle Marine/RV Battery comes in a group 31 sizing. This battery will replace any type or group 31 battery with an identically sized battery. Usually these batteries have greater than 2x the power and cycle life of the nearest AGM competitor. New LIfeline Battery Part Number:The GPL-31, GPL 31, GPL-31T, and the GPL 31T have all been phased out in lieu of the new part number, GPL-31MT. The GPL-31MT has a dual use terminal system which is compliant for both automotive, and ring terminal connections.Replaces: GPL 31, GPL 31T, all Group 31 Deep Cycle Flooded Batteries.