Lifeline GPL-24T

$ 262.14

Lifeline GPL-24T Battery - Voltage: 12V - Capacity: 80 Ah - Dimensions: 11.13" x 6.77" x 9.25" - Weight: 56 lb / 25.5 kg - Deep Cycle Marine/RV Battery in a group 24 sizing. This battery will replace and type or group 24, with an identically sized battery. New LIfeline Battery Part Number:The GPL-24, GPL 24, GPL-24T, and the GPL 24T have all been phased out in lieu of the new part number, GPL-24MT. The GPL-24MT has a dual use terminal system which is compliant for both automotive, and ring terminal connections. Replaces: GPL 24, GPL 24T, all Group 24 Deep Cycle Flooded Batteries.